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Correct operation process of automatic polishing machine

Views: | Date:2022/3/24
It is very important to understand the automatic polishing machine before operation. In the whole operation process, the automatic polishing machine needs to follow a certain process. The correct operation process is as follows:

1. Check the power supply: keep the switch intact. Safe startup process of polishing machine: connect external power supply → turn on the main switch of equipment power supply → start switch of equipment power supply.

2. Check the air outlet of the bed motor before work to ensure that it is unobstructed.

3. Conduct safety inspection on the polishing machine before work, let the polishing machine idle, and check whether the fasteners of each part are loose to ensure safe production.

4. During the working process, check whether the connecting rod between the thousand blade wheel and the motor is loose frequently, find the problem in time, and work after adjustment, so as to ensure the safe production of personnel and the damage of workpieces.

5. When replacing the thousand blade wheel, turn off the power supply. After the replacement, check whether the equipment is normal and work after confirmation

6. If any abnormality is found in the equipment, stop working immediately and check the equipment. If the problem cannot be solved, find a repairman to repair it in time.

7. It is forbidden to extend any part of the body into the polishing area when the polishing machine works automatically to avoid injury.

8. When the polishing machine is working, in case of emergency, turn off the main power switch immediately.

9. The ground of the work site shall be clean and tidy, and articles shall not be placed disorderly. Remember to turn off the main switch of "water, electricity and gas" before leaving work.

10. Regularly maintain the motor, ensure that the bed dust is cleaned every Saturday, and maintain the motor to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

11. It is forbidden to connect and pull wires randomly. When cleaning or cleaning the equipment, prevent water from splashing on the power supply.

12. Non staff are not allowed to enter the work area without authorization.


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