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Matters needing attention when finishing the polishing machine

Views: | Date:2022/3/24
When finishing the polishing machine, attention should be paid to the fine grinding of the largest cylindrical surface. In addition, the step height close to the workpiece surface should be large, and the height close to the finished surface should be small, so as to obtain relatively high production efficiency of the workpiece surface and ensure the roughness of the workpiece surface.

Deep grinding method is one of the methods for polishing machine to process workpieces. This method can obtain sufficient accuracy of workpiece surface and relatively small workpiece surface roughness. The main characteristics of this grinding method are as follows. The grinding allowance will use relatively small longitudinal feed. Using this grinding method, the grinding wheel needs to be trimmed into a certain shape so that the grinding allowance can be removed gradually, Otherwise, the cutting work is mainly on the outer corner of the grinding wheel, which can quickly blunt the grinding wheel, and finally affect the grinding efficiency and the quality of the workpiece surface.

Using this grinding method can improve the production efficiency of workpiece processing. However, due to the complexity of the trimmed grinding wheel and the structure of the workpiece surface must make the grinding wheel exceed the maximum distance of the workpiece processing surface, it can be applied to a large number of production structures. This grinding method has high productivity and can obtain sufficient accuracy of the workpiece surface and small workpiece surface roughness.

For example, metal furniture, such as shoe racks, will also be applied to polishing machines. We know that for metal products, it is inevitable that gray traces will cover the metal surface during welding, and melted small iron beads will be adhered during welding, which will greatly affect the beauty of the shoe rack. The polishing machine can polish the surface of the metal while grinding, so the metal products can be bright while keeping flat.

In the process of grinding, many people worry that the polishing disc of the polishing machine will damage the furniture. In fact, for the portable polishing machine, in addition to the base, throwing plate and polishing cover, there is also a polishing fabric. This layer of polished fabric will be placed on the polishing disc to protect the furniture from damage. Polishing machine is widely used in furniture, and because the furniture is protected in the process of use, it is necessary to use the polishing machine for the uneven places on the furniture.


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