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Juhua - a 26 year focus on polishing equipment manufacturer

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Our advantages

1、More experience - 26 years of grinding experience to build Juhua brand

l For 26 years, Juhua machinery has focused on the research, development and production of surface treatment equipment such as polishing machine, wire drawing machine, sanding machine and abrasive belt machine;

l In order to better serve new and old customers, Juhua Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2021, mainly engaged in grinding consumables such as abrasive belt and polishing wheel;

l 26 years of grinding experience can enable new and old customers to reduce grinding costs and improve production efficiency;


2、More reliable quality - 3101 manufacturers of abrasive materials jointly selected by customers

l Adopt advanced production equipment at home and abroad and standardize production process to ensure that the qualified rate of product quality is more than 99%;

l Advanced testing equipment, strict testing standards, strict quality control, and engineers with more than 13 years of experience check at all levels;

l The products and production lines have passed the EU CE certification. The products are exported to the Middle East, Europe and the United States, and the customer praise rate is more than 99%;


3、Better use of products - 315 kinds of abrasive belts and 1273 kinds of polishing wheels, which are selected and customized by professional engineers

l Hundreds of products of the company are widely used in stainless steel products, shipbuilding, hardware, furniture, flooring, musical instruments, bathroom, kitchenware, leather, glass, automobile warranty and other industries with excellent quality and reasonable price;

l Provide you with the material of the grinding sample, grinding method, machine speed and other factors to judge, and professional engineers recommend the grinding tool materials more suitable for your machine;

l With an average of 13 years of polishing experience, engineers can provide more professional customized service of abrasive materials;


4、Faster service - online and offline three-dimensional and perfect after-sales service system

l Pre sales: 7 * 24 hours to provide product consultation, professional engineers answer online, and quickly match product types;

l On sale: the company has a large amount of spot inventory and 3512 square meters of spot warehouse, with rapid delivery and timely delivery;

l After sales: establish customer archives, the after-sales team responds to customer feedback in time, and communicate on site within 24 hours of new product development;

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