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Copper aluminum composite plate polishing machine for new energy, electronic information, communication, energy-saving lighting, construction, etc

Views: | Date:2022/3/24
This equipment is used to polish the upper and lower surfaces of steel strip products. The product is transported through the winding mechanism. When transported to the grinding area, contact with the upper and lower polishing wheels for grinding and polishing. During grinding, it can swing back and forth to make the processing effect more uniform and detailed. The upper and lower parts can be processed by four groups of grinding heads in turn. The whole machine is equipped with protective cover, which is safe and environment-friendly.

The polishing machine can process copper aluminum composite series products such as copper aluminum communication substrate, copper aluminum composite transition plate, copper aluminum composite plate strip foil, lithium battery connecting piece, copper aluminum composite belt, copper aluminum composite row and copper aluminum composite plate, with a width of 600 ~ 1000mm and a thickness of 0.05 ~ 20mm.

It is mainly used for polishing surface treatment of titanium aluminum and titanium aluminum stainless steel composite products (high-end tableware, decoration and other industries) in electrical, new energy, electronic information, communication, energy-saving lighting, construction and other industries.


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