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What should be paid attention to in polishing operation of automatic polishing machine?

Views: | Date:2022/3/24
When carrying out polishing work, pay attention to the following contents:

Before polishing, carefully check the paint condition. Select different grinding discs and grinding fluids according to the scratch size, damage level, thickness and wear resistance of car paint.

The water-soluble grinding fluid shall not cover the small flower marks. During grinding, the grinding plate and the paint plan shall touch the work as much as possible. When the grinding liquid and pot paste adhere to the surface of the car paint, spray a small amount of water in the grinding plate and then carry out grinding.

Oil soluble grinding fluid can cover small flower marks, and it is not easy for the grinding fluid pot paste to adhere to the surface of vehicle paint. After grinding, deoiling must be carried out with deoiling oil and water, and then the coating products of coating and surface can be made. Otherwise, the coating and surface coating can not adhere to the surface of paint very well, and it is very easy to be cleaned up.

Under the condition of great relativity of paint scratches, wool wool discs can be used to cooperate with coarse grinding fluid (4) μ m); For mild to moderate scratches, coarse sponge balls can be used to cooperate with medium grinding fluid (2 μ m); For small scratches, fine sponge balls can be used to cooperate with fine grinding fluid (0.8 μ m) , carry out polishing work.


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