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Difference between automatic polishing machine and manual polishing machine

Views: | Date:2022/3/24
The automatic polishing machine can greatly save manpower and material resources, reduce human fatigue intensity, avoid the impact of climate change, reduce production costs and ensure the completion of production quality.

Due to the continuous improvement of the current degree of automation, the feeding, retraction and release in the production process are relatively simple, and the personnel safety is guaranteed; At the same time, it is easy to control the polishing quality, high uniformity, bright and clean, especially some heavy workpieces. Manual operation cannot be completed, and high straightness and good same depth are required. Products with high surface mirror purity can only be completed by mechanical automatic polishing. In short, in the modern intelligent society, it is an irreversible trend to replace manual operation with equipment, which is also the natural trend of modern production of factories.

Disadvantages of manual polishing: when operated by hand, it is affected by environment, air and pollution, which is relatively harmful. Technical requirements are also high, and certain work experience is required to be competent; At the same time, it consumes a lot of physical strength, and the weather directly affects the quality and the completion of production capacity. For workpieces, although manual operation is flexible, the uniformity of products with high precision brightness is poor. The quality of batch products cannot be consistent, and the production capacity is backward, which is not suitable for the demand of mass production.


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